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  • Nov082015

    How will legalization affect Us?

    How will legalization affect our industry? How will new California MMJ regulations change the evolving dispensary experience? Natural Cannabis Company’s…

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  • Nov022015

    Vape Pen Shopping?

      We traveled half way around the world to discover the best vapor pens for our Natural Cannabis CO2 whip…

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  • Nov012015
    sweet potatoes

    Roasty-Toasted Power Honey Sweet Potatoes

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  • Oct192015
    CNBC pot and porn

    CNBC – Porn and pot: The new business bedfellows

    “So far I’ve found there’s no whatsoever except my fans noticing that I’m changing what I’m doing. Instead of being naked, I now make pot treats. … I’m not sure most of them knew I was an avid stoner.”

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  • Oct102015


    Getting by with little help from my friends….

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  • Oct022015

    I Just Came To Say Hello

      Happy harvest everyone !  

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  • Oct012015

    Magic Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

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  • Sep302015
    Baby Bash Urban OG

    Bash’s Urban OG & Margaret Cho’s Cho-G

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  • Sep302015

    Boo-Berry Loaf

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  • Sep292015

    Look ! We Want Your Sun Grown

    We are so excited to look at the new 2015 harvest.  CLICK HERE and make an appointment. It’s so easy!

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  • Sep262015

    Women Grow

    Please take a look at . The women of the cannabis industry are working together to bring a positive…

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  • Sep212015

    High Life Artists At Play

    Another great shot of our 2015 High Life artists Lizz Tayler, Masterbong and Baby Bash by the talented photographer Kyrstin…

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  • Sep172015

    High Spirits

    Another great shot from Heiro Day … Thanks dream team !

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  • Sep162015

    Yup – That’s From The Natural Cannabis Pen

    Another perfect hit from the 100% pure Natural Cannabis CO2 pen. Robbie K shows how it’s done.

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  • Sep142015

    #ValleyFire – A Pain In The Ash

      The images are horrifying! Our love and condolences go out to Lake County residents.  God speed your recovery. To…

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  • Sep112015

    Susan Sarandon – What’s Burning?

    Welcome back from Burning Man and welcome to the “High Life”.

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  • Sep102015
    Skin Diamond

    Skin Diamond Says High

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  • Sep092015

    Heirloom Fest 2015

    It’s that time of the year. Harvest and heirloom seed festival at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds with a special focus…

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  • Sep042015

    My Friend Likes It Cool

      My friend stopped by with his new toy …. A Nail Ninja !  We tried it on a super…

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  • Sep032015

    Masterbong for

    High Life Artist Masterbong stopped in today to say “high” and promote the online cannabis superstore . Nice to…

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