Provider FAQs

Does the Natural Cannabis Company work on consignment?
Yes. You will receive payment on a mutually agreed upon date usually 2 weeks after drop-off occurs.

What strains should I grow if I want the Natural Cannabis Company to buy my product?
Unfortunately, it is hard to predict what strains will be most sought after or which strains everyone will be harvesting a few months from now. We recommend growing something unique, but quality is always the most important thing!

Can I just drop by and leave a sample?
While we will attempt to accommodate you if you show up without an appointment, we may not have an evaluator available. We do recommend making an appointment online and bringing an entire pound for viewing to guarantee thorough consideration of your product(s). This gives us an opportunity to see that your product is consistent throughout, and to discuss your process. In short, if you make an appointment and bring a whole pound, we will have all the information we need to seriously consider carrying your product. Please DO NOT be late for your appointment; appointments are usually booked back-to-back, and are only 20 minutes long, so punctuality is essential.

Why do you want to see an entire pound prior to purchase?
We know from a decade of experience that samples are not always indicative of the entire batch. In fairness to our wonderful clients, we want to screen the entirety of what we will purchase before we convey it to them. This is the best way for us to ensure consistency.

How do I offer my edibles, topical treatments, concentrates, tinctures, etc…?

The process for offering products other than flowers is the same. Simply sign up for an appointment online, and make sure to select the correct kind of product you have when making that appointment.

Does my product need to be tested prior to my appointment?
All products that we purchase are sent to SC Labs for testing, so we do not require test results prior to consideration of your product. However, if you have tested your product and received clean purity tests and high potency results, that will factor into our final decision when purchasing.

Is the Natural Cannabis Company looking for (insert specific strain or product) right now?
We are not usually in search of a particular strain. Our first priority is always quality. We don’t know if we want your product until we see it in your evaluation appointment. Do what you do, but do it well, and we will be happy to consider your product for our inventory!

Why do I need to provide information about my cultivation process?
We take your privacy very seriously. The only reason we collect information about your process is to make sure that we can recommend your products to our clients with a clear conscience, knowing that it is safe and of good quality. Feel free to only provide us with the information you are comfortable with providing. However, information about what nutrients and pest controls you use, soil additives, etc. is an important piece of our consideration process.

I am running late. What should I do?
Appointments are usually booked back-to-back and are only 20 minutes long, so punctuality is essential. However, if you are running late, please call and let us know, so we can try to accommodate you. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your late evaluation, but we will do what we can. If you are coming from a long way and know you will be late before you leave, please consider re-booking your appointment for a different day. Appointments can be cancelled through the confirmation email you received when the appointment was confirmed. If you know you are a new client or updating your recommendation with us, please show up early so this can be completed prior to your appointment.

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