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General Questions:

We are licensed as a Distributor, so we require a active and valid California Cultivator, Distributor, Manufacturing or Microbusiness license to do business. Please note that all evaluation, sample delivery and payment appointments are held at our Distribution center. Our Distribution license for Santa Rosa is C11-0000524-LIC. Our Distribution license for Hopland is C11-0000525-LIC for deliveries.

Our first priority is always quality and we keep a wide range of products and strains on our Retailers’ shelves at all times. We are extremely selective with our purchasing, and you should expect your products to go through a lengthy approval process. Please take a look at our menu on our website to see what products might best fill empty product niches.

No. For both security purposes and in respect of our busy schedules, please utilize our helpful appointment system to book your appointment in advance.  This ensures we will be available and have time to give your product(s) full consideration.

Please do everything you can to avoid being late for your appointment, whether it is an initial evaluation, product delivery or payment appointment. Appointments are usually booked back-to-back, and are only 30 minutes long, so punctuality is essential. If you are running late, please let us know by calling 707-225-0371, and we will accommodate you if it is at all feasible. Our phone line will not receive texts. If you are coming from a long way and know you will be late before you leave, please consider re-booking your appointment for a more opportune day. Appointments can be cancelled through the confirmation email you received when the appointment was confirmed.

Information and product knowledge first and foremost; in order to consider your product(s) for our shelves, we need to know how it was made, what was used, where it was sourced from, as well as information about your company and how it contributes to the local cannabis community, which we have been a part of for over a decade. Please also bring at least 2 representative samples of any product that you think would be a good fit for us. One sample is tried by our expert team, and the other will be submitted for final approval if the team agrees that it might belong on our shelves. NCC reserves the right to reject product deliveries for which the sample previously shown is not representative, or that does not meet our quality standard.

The Natural Cannabis Company is a fully licensed Distribution company, so we are able to offer testing event services to small, licensed farmers at our discounted rate. Bulk, unpackaged flower cannot be COA’d before delivery to a Distributor. However, providing R&D results to us is advantageous in a first-time evaluation. For most large-batch packaged products, it makes the most sense for us to receive the product with full batch-specific, compliant COAs, so it can be delivered to Retail as soon as it is needed.

Products that are delivered regularly and kept in stock are usually paid for on NET7 terms. Longer terms are arranged and agreed upon for bulk flower on a case-by-case basis, prior to delivery or at point of receipt.