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What Makes a Great Cannabis Oil?

What Makes a Great Cannabis Oil?

Gooey, golden, luscious cannabis oil, who doesn’t love it?! But how do you know when you’re getting a great cannabis oil over a mediocre (or worse!) extract? Just like with cannabis flowers, choosing a healthy, clean cannabis extract is important too. It’s worth taking a moment to find out more about a cannabis oil before you buy to ensure you’re getting a great product every time you shop.

Here’s what goes into a great cannabis oil:

High quality starting material: You’re not going to be happy with the quality of an extract created from low potency ditch weed. Great cannabis oil begins with great cannabis! This means clean, healthy and flavorful plants that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenoids. That’s the only way to get excellent potency and a beautiful flavor!

A healthy and careful extraction process: Careful extraction procedures that preserve precious cannabinoids and terpenes are critical to producing high quality oils. Additionally, methods that forgo harsh chemicals are healthier for inhalation and will be free from residual solvents.

Post-processing: Just as you must cure cannabis flowers to bring out their best essence, cannabis oils have their own post-processing to go through. Proper finishing and storage will ensure the product remains fresh and potent for a long time.

Unfortunately, details like color and clarity won’t help you determine the quality of a cannabis oil as these aspects can be manipulated. Truly the best way to know if you’re getting great cannabis oil is to find more out about the people who made it. Ask about the farm that produced the cannabis and the extractor who created it! Maybe it’s one you’re already are familiar with. If it’s not, find out a little more about their practices either from a friendly cannabis steward or online.

Did you know? The Natural Cannabis Company offers a wide selection of cannabis oils that meet the standards outlined in this post!

Our personal favorite is NCC’s Natural Nectars ($35), of course. Pure cannabis oil crafted from our own clean, healthy, high-quality plants and extracted using the solvent-free C02 method, Natural Nectars are available in an array of rotating strains. Expert care was taken to preserve all the natural cannabinoids and terpenoids possible. Taste the difference!

But don’t just try ours, we’ve partnered with expert crafters to bring our clients a bevy of potent oils to choose from. Find them here on our Concentrates page and read about some of our partners here on our Farmer’s Series section where we highlight some of the great local companies with work with to bring you the best Northern California produced products available.

You’ll like what you find!