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High Art

Supporting art & artists in the cannabis community

High Art was created by The Natural Cannabis Company in 2014 as a crowd-sourcing solution to packaging design. From its humble beginnings, High Art has developed into an internationally-known art competition with thousands of entries annually from 140+ countries all over the world.

Each year professional and amateur artists create themed works through a variety of mediums to compete for $50,000 in prize money and to see their work featured on packaging, social media, at the High Art gallery in Santa Rosa, CA, and displayed at prestigious art events, in the United States and abroad.

Meet the Top 20 Winners of 2022!

1st Place
"Cooking Sounds"
2nd Place
Cat Schappach
"Let's Dance"
3rd Place
David Johann Abadiano
"Where Is My Mind?"
4th Place
Shawn RJF
"Melody Of Destruction"
5th Place
"Mary Jane Wave"
6th Place
Shannon Pyper
"High Energy"
7th Place
Cindy Casino
8th Place
Simple Heady
"The Growing Symphony"
9th Place
Iris López
"Can You Feel The Rhythm?"
10th Place
Dzur Designs
"Music In Her Hair"
11th Place
Andrei Savich
"Dreams About Carrots"
12th Place
Alejandro Sordi
"La Ofrenda"
13th Place
Jon Swartz
"Musical Molecules"
14th Place
Asukwo Effiom
"High Tide"
15th Place
Ade Milhad
"City Of Guitars"
16th Place
Eugenia Shchukina
"Max Crazy Swiss"
17th Place
Milos Filipovic
"Anti-War Machine"
18th Place
Romeo Niyigena
"Soul To The Universe"
19th Place
Pudjo Asmanto
"The Strains Of The Song Take Me To Heaven"
Sanjay Mitra
20th Place
Sanjay Mitra
"Different Shades"

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