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The following list is how we choose the priority categorization of our cannabis products. Our discerning members expect only the absolute top quality choice of “California Grown” cannabis products. We strive daily to never falter on our promise to bring only consistent, exceptional selection and service to our deserving clientele.

  • When products selections, the first factor we take into consideration is the cleanliness of the cultivation process. This is of the utmost importance when determining whether or not we accept a farmer’s offering into our repertoire. The batch must be clean at all costs!

  • This important selection criteria applies to all of our strain categories and is one of our most crucial factors. All of our potential selections are laboratory tested for potency and purity. However, we do not solely determine our final choices based upon high THC/CBD percentages.

  • In selecting our Reserve, Premium and Everyday strains, our next determination is the olfactory sensation or “nose” of the potential selection. The more fragrant, the better! There is nothing more appealing than a strong, fragrant bud.

  • Next, we look at the flower bud structure. Is it tight and compact? Is the “nug” hard and well cured? Is it free from discoloration, any sign of pest infestation, mold, mildew and debris such as human or pet hair? Is the bud fully ripened with well-developed trichomes? Does it pass the up-close and personal test of the dyno-cam (microscope)? Are all of the buds of a similar size, color and consistency? Is the batch free from fluff and bottom of the bag trim? Has the bud been hand manicured and not machine cut? Is it sticky?

  • Our next determination is if the cost of the batch is equivalent to a fair trade exchange, i.e. will we be able to share the crop at a reasonable price with our members while still equitably compensating our farmers? We need to know the size of the batch being provided and the frequency of the batch. Will the farmer be able to consistently supply the needs of our membership?

  • After a summation of the answers to these questions, we make our selection based on how many of the responses meet our strict standards of excellence. When a product positively fulfills all and at times most of our criteria, we ask the farmer to join our team and bring them into our family of brands. Category of the product is determined by how many qualifications the product fulfills.

  • We NEVER choose a product because it is inexpensive. We always select on quality. Our lesser priced selections are often the highest priced selections of our “competitors”. We do not price gouge our clients and offer only the best of selections at the fairest cost.

  • Our entire process is based on the unique experience of our farmers and clients. Our success is contingent upon their success and pleasure. Service and a commitment to excellence is our mission.