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We believe in integrity, honesty, and passion. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, we have a keen eye and deep appreciation for superior top-quality cannabis products. Our curation process promises to only bring the best to you.

Our Promise to You

1. We support craft cannabis and artisanal Northern California farmers.
We hold our farmers to the highest standards and we ensure that all of our products are sourced locally and produced using holistic, ecological, and ethical standards.

2. Your health, wellness, and pleasure are our top priority.
Our products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet all health codes and regulations. That being said, we strive to put a smile on your face.

3. We focus on quality versus quantity.
You will never see our shelves stocked with mass-produced factory-grown cannabis or cannabis products. We are focused on artisan farms and farmers.

4. We believe in doing good business. We don’t want to just look good, we want to be good.
We promise to provide you with accurate, clear, and consistent service and care. This begins with personal relationships with our farmers and ends with you being delighted.

5. We respect culture and art with our annual High Art Contest.
We proudly run the only cannabis-based art contest in the world. Each year we give $50,000 back to the creative community and artist choice nonprofits in need.

Our Programs

The Natural Cannabis Company’s flagship subscription program offers subscribers access to unique craft cannabis products through a quarterly collectible box. With a focus on premium cannabis flowers, extracts, and concentrates, each box contains an assortment of products produced in Northern California by small, local farmers and artisan crafters.

High Art was created by The Natural Cannabis Company in 2014 as a crowd-sourcing solution to packaging design. From its humble beginnings, High Art has developed into an internationally-known art competition with thousands of entries annually from 140+ countries all over the world.

Each year professional and amateur artists create themed works through a variety of mediums to compete for $50,000 in prize money and to see their work featured on packaging, social media, at the High Art gallery in Santa Rosa, CA, and displayed at prestigious art events, in the United States and abroad.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming High Art events and the annual High Art Contest!


From our awesome community

Daralyn Schmitt
Daralyn Schmitt
October 22, 2023.
They have anything you desire. The art is fanominal. The staff is super friendly.
ryan pacheco
ryan pacheco
October 21, 2023.
OrganiCann has been the most consistent, friendly, enchanting dispensaries in California. They do not miss with the selection of new/strong flower. The people who work there and keep the place running are some of the most friendly people I have met! Answering any questions I may have about ANYTHING! Loren & Mikey in particular have always been around to help me out, always with such positive attitudes. They always get me with the best quality/price. Not even mentioning the atmosphere of the place! It is filled to the brim with art and peace. Love the place and people! I definitely recommend!
Elroy Steele
Elroy Steele
October 8, 2023.
Clean, big, very nice staff
Christine Marie Flora
Christine Marie Flora
October 3, 2023.
This has got to be one of the best dispensaries in the area. They have a huge selection to choose from and the High Art is amazing. I went in for just one pre roll today and I walked out with nine due to using my loyalty points, my senior discount and a 2 for 1 special they were running.....all for just $3.88....the tax. Whoop whoop. Gotta love it.
Joe Oliver
Joe Oliver
September 28, 2023.
I've been to dispensaries all over the country, and this is my favorite
Adolfo Gallo
Adolfo Gallo
September 26, 2023.
Revised review: Recently I bought a Hot Box. It was a great decision. The Box contained a wonderful, balanced selection of products, including flower, concentrates, vape cartridges, supercharged ready rolls including a HUGE blunt, gummies, a face skin product to help maintain my youthful, 70-year old glow!!! and a beverage tincture. So, economically it was a bargain, fewer shopping trips will be needed, I get to try new strains and brands and products, plus all of that cannabis goodness comes in an awesome HIGH ART box with fantastic art work. It works great for organizing my stash and keeping my use area neat and tidy. Plus there is the frigging awesome art work to enjoy while I'm saturated medicinally. Buying the HOT BOX was one of the best cannabis purchases I have ever made. I eagerly await the Harvest Hot Box with this season's selection of flower!! Organicann is a way cool dispensary, uniquely decorated with a most varied, awesome art work. BUT, more importantly there was a warm, welcoming vibe starting from the security guard at the front continuing through the entire staff inside. I have greatly enjoyed the varieties available, especially the sativas and sativa hybrids. The staff are knowlegable and way cool people.