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A Golden State

Our artisanal, small-batch flower is irrigated with the nutrient-rich, glacial snowmelt trickling down from Mount Shasta. This volcanic terrain has yielded a mineral rich water source, naturally alkaline, and low in pollutants, making it the purest water source for our cannabis flower.


Africali Culture Logo

Africali Culture

Featuring South African Landrace Strains including the world renown Durban Poison, from Durban South Africa. All of our cannabis flower is Grown in California with integrity from the ground up. We support Craft Cannabis farmers locally and also the legacy of ourTraditional Zulu, Sotho & Xhosa Tribes who have been practicing healing with cannabis for centuries.


Arcanna Flowers

Arcanna Flowers

Arcana, by definition, is a secret and powerful remedy. With the medicinal powers of cannabis in mind, we decided to call our brand Arcanna Flowers to recognize the mental, spiritual and physical healing that can come from this plant.

Sun Grown

Castle Rock Ridge

Sonoma County’s finest Sun Grown Cannabis. The Finest Living Soil combined with the finest weather gives you the best Cannabis that can be grown. Dedicated to using organic inputs to produce the finest sun grown flower in Sonoma County.

Sun Grown


Pesticide Free


Catalyst Unlimited

Catalyst Unlimited grows in living soil that is cover-cropped and mulched. Life feeding life. Peaceful, natural farming.

Sun Grown


Decibel Gardens

From the time the business was founded, the primary objective has been creating premier quality cannabis and maintaining a system that is never compromised year round. This was achieved by designing facilities and operations that identify and address all the nuance of the plant from years of analysis.


Eighty East

Eighty East is quickly becoming a household name in providing luxury cannabis. Eighty East founded in 2018 pioneered cannabis sector when you could fit the entire industry around a table. We are leading the market sector and becoming preeminent in the field.


Farmer And The Felon

After pushing boundaries, taking risks and fighting for legalization, CannaCraft founders Dennis Hunter and Ned Fussell wanted to give back while building on their legacy as visionary cultivators and extractors. Farmer and the Felon provides a platform for growers, activists and ex-prisoners to share their stories. Collectively, we will preserve our unique history of struggle, perseverance and ultimately, triumph, when the last prisoners of the war on cannabis go free.


Sun Grown

Fig Farms

Farmer-owned cultivator and breeder of the most sought after cannabis in California, Illinois & Arizona


First Cut Farms

First Cut Farms breeds and produces the highest quality, award-winning cannabis. First Cut Farms is a wildlife-friendly farm located in a special eco-system and micro-climate where cannabis thrives. The wind, rain, and extreme temperature swings, encourage the plants to create large amounts of resin where the cannabinoids and terpenes live. First Cut Farms’ cultivars are unique, complex, and sophisticated. You’ll experience elevated highs. We strive each season to increase the health of mother earth.

Award Winning

Wildlife Friendly

Eco System


Fog City Farms

Fog City Farms is made up of a diverse team of central California locals with decades of experience. Run largely by family and friends, our brand is representative of our commitment to honoring the roots of cannabis while also pioneering grow methods that will carry Fog City into the future.



When we say we are a Family Farm, it’s not a stretch. We run a very tight knit shop with access granted to only the closest of friends. We believe this level of trust and respect is essential to prosperous growth. Always keep good company.

Sun Grown

Fresh Strain

FRESH STRAIN is our flower line with a focus on the modern market’s most desirable strains. Using the latest technologies in genetic verification, Fresh Strain is in a class of its own.