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5 Summer Activities Made Better with Cannabis

5 Summer Activities Made Better with Cannabis

5 Summer Activities Made Better with Cannabis

Sure, cannabis is great any time of year but there’s something about summer that seems just made for sharing a bowl, smoking a joint or dabbing with a couple of friends. Summer opens up a world of activities with its warm weather and long days, and so many of them ready to be enhanced with some fantastic NorCal cannabis. Here are our picks for summer activities to enjoy with your favorite cannabis strains:


Northern California is rife with great places to camp, many within short driving distance. You don’t have to be a professional outdoorsman to organize a fun camping trip with your cannabis-loving friends. Head out for a 1-2-night trip and enjoy friends, weed and s’mores under the stars. Get ready for some deep conversations around the campfire!

Check out camping at Sugar Loaf State Park, just 7 miles from Santa Rosa!


Sleeping in the woods isn’t for you? That’s okay! There are plenty of other ways to enjoy natural beauty and natural cannabis. One thing we’re never short on are hiking trails! Ranging from very easy to expert-level, there’s a trail out there perfect for whatever activity level your group desires.

Take a chill stroll through the famous redwoods at Armstrong Woods, perfect for a casual hike or those with lowered mobility. Like a challenge? Try hiking to Bullfrog pond at the top of the hill! Check out this list of suggested walks and hikes, plus enjoy the bonus of beautiful river scenery on the drive out to Guerneville.

Flying Kites

Spring and early summer isn’t traditionally the calmest season out at the coast but there are plenty of beautiful, breezy sunny days! Get in touch with your inner child with a little cannabis, a kite and some wind. It’s not highly athletic but it’s not sedentary either, perfect for groups of friends with mixed abilities.

Doran Beach has a long, flat stretch of beach perfect for flying kites. Treat yourselves to a bowl of chowder and gorgeous West Coast sunset before you head back inland.

Sporting Events

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From Giants games to your local summer softball league, just get out there and hit the bleacher seats. Enjoy cannabis edibles before the game and discover a new appreciation for watching sporting events. Get into rooting for your favorite team, crowd chanting and snack bar food!

Fairs and Festivals

There are all kinds of fairs and festivals taking place throughout California this summer. Get some friends together to visit the state or your regional county fair for entertainment, fair food, rides and farm animals or see what else intrigues you on this list of California fairs and festivals! From strawberry festivals to art, wine and cultural fairs, there’s something for every taste.

What are your favorite summer activities to enjoy with cannabis? Let us know in the comments below!

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