Membership Rules

To Become A Member:

Simply bring in your current valid Doctor’s Recommendation as well as current California ID or Driver’s License between the hours of 10:00AM and 6:15PM Monday through Friday or between 10:00AM and 5:15PM Saturday and Sunday.

New members get a 10% discount on their first visit and returning members receive a free gift for bringing in a new member!

Natural Cannabis Co. seeks to provide a safe, clean, and friendly environment for all our members. The following rules are strictly enforced at all times:

  1. It is understood by all parties that your Natural Cannabis Co. membership is a privilege and not a right.
  2. Your membership may be revoked at any time by the collective management for any action that, in the opinion of management, brings discredit or unwelcome public attention to Natural Cannabis Co. whether or not that action is covered by the collective member rules.
  3. Natural Cannabis Co. locations are smoke-free facilities. Please extinguish all smoking materials prior to entering the facility parking lot and please do not smoke until you have left the facility’s property.
  4. No electronic devices of any kind are permitted in any Natural Cannabis Co. facility at any time. All devices must be left at home or inside of your vehicle in the parking lot.
  5. No person under the age of 18 years old is allowed on the premises of any Natural Cannabis Co. location at any time, for any reason. You will be asked to leave and you will not be served if you bring someone under the age of 18 years old to the collective.
  6. Members agree not to operate their motor vehicle or any other mechanical device while medicated.
  7. Members must park in our parking lot and not in the surrounding neighborhood. Members that park outside the facility will not be served. You may not be dropped off. Only members who are using public transportation may arrive on foot.
  8. Loitering is not allowed on any of Natural Cannabis Co. premises at any time. All non-members must remain inside of the vehicle.
  9. Dogs are not allowed outside of your vehicle under any circumstances unless proper service animal paperwork is provided.
  10. Members agree not to open or consume their medical cannabis purchases within 1000 feet of any Natural Cannabis Co. premises or in any other place prohibited by law. Collective management recommends that you wait until you get home until you open your purchase.
  11. Members agree not to sell or attempt to sell any medical cannabis acquired from any Natural Cannabis Co. location.
  12. Members are allowed two visits per day.
  13. Members are not allowed “ins-and-outs” during their visits. Make sure to bring your method of payment with you. Returning to your vehicle to retrieve a payment method or for any other reason will constitute your second visit.
  14. Members agree to uphold the restrictions on amounts of medical cannabis in their possession according to SB 420, local regulations, and their physician’s recommendation.
  15. Members must not bring any weapons or anything that can be used as a weapon onto the premises. Pocketknives, Leathermans, etc. must be left in your vehicle or surrendered to security while in the building.
  16. It is each member’s responsibility to make sure any and all passengers in the vehicle they arrived in are aware of Natural Cannabis Company’s member rules.
  17. As a member, it is your responsibility to keep an up-to-date medical recommendation. The collective staff members are not responsible for reminding you of your membership expiration date.

Please note: The Natural Cannabis Co. member rules are updated from time to time to reflect changes in the law and to reflect changes to our collective policies.

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