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Cannabinoids: What You Need to Know

Cannabinoids: What You Need to Know People use medical cannabis for many types of health issues, both physical and mental health. Some of the most common reasons people use cannabis are to combat pain, insomnia, lack of appetite, chronic stress, spasm conditions like epilepsy and digestive disorders. The first step in understanding how cannabis works […]

The Miracle of Microdosing

The Miracle of Microdosing It’s happened to most of us at least once. Your heart begins to race, the room feels too small and you start to sweat. Is this normal?  Does breathing usually seem this hard? Why is it so difficult to swallow? I must be having a heart attack!? The dreaded feeling I’m […]

3 Ways to Pair Cannabis

3 Ways to Pair Cannabis Cannabis legalization provides consumers with nearly limitless options when it comes to choosing strains. You are no longer restricted to whatever strain your local dealer happened to have on hand. Instead, even the most austere dispensaries have at least ten strains available while larger outlets may have 30+ indica, sativa […]

Cherry Pie Strain Spotlight

Cherry Pie Strain Spotlight The Cherry Pie strain is a popular hybrid strain, a cross of Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. It typically has bushy buds, rich with trichomes and orange/purple hairs. This strain tends to be highest in the terpenes myrcene, linalool and limonene. Favored for its sour fruit aroma and uplifting euphoria, its THC […]

Beat the Heat with Homemade Cannabis Popsicles

Beat the Heat with Homemade Cannabis Popsicles If you’re looking for a cool and refreshing treat, nothing beats an icy popsicle on a scorching summer day. Perfect for parties or whenever you need a quick pick-me-up, here’s how you can make some cannabis-infused popsicles at home: Pick up some popsicle molds. Popsicle molds are inexpensive […]

Dream Queen Strain Spotlight

Dream Queen Strain Spotlight A potent and delicious sativa-dominant hybrid, Dream Queen strain is a cross of Blue Dream and Space Queen. As the name suggests, Dream Queen will leave you in a euphorically dreamlike state. The mainly cerebral high relieves anxiety and stress while leaving you feeling sociable and talkative. It’s a great strain for […]

Hero Spotlight: Brownie Mary

Hero Spotlight: Brownie Mary Mary Jane Rathbun, better known as Brownie Mary, was an American medical cannabis activist best known for handing out medicinal brownies to suffering patients during the beginning of San Francisco’s biggest AIDS crisis. Brownie Mary baked cannabis-infused brownies in her kitchen and sold them in her Castro neighborhood, a historical haven […]

Don’t Trust That Strain Name

Don’t Trust That Strain Name It’s common to see the same strains available from dispensary to dispensary but researchers are finding that you’re not always getting exactly what you think. Due to the variances in phenotypes and plain old mislabeling, one store’s Green Crack might have wildly different genetics than another’s because of the strain […]

5 Viral Cannabis Myths Debunked

5 Viral Cannabis Myths Debunked 5 Viral Cannabis Myths Debunked Don’t you hate when people share dubious information without checking it on first? If you’re not in the know, Snopes is a fact-checking website dedicated to tracking down the origins of falsehoods, rumors, myths and lies that often end up in your inbox in […]

5 Ways to Get Rid of a Buzz Fast

5 Ways to Get Rid of a Buzz Fast I know, I know. Why would anyone want to get rid of an awesome cannabis buzz? But sometimes situations arise where being high isn’t a good thing. Maybe you’ve overindulged and are feeling too high. Maybe you forgot about an important engagement or you have a […]