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3 Ways to Pair Cannabis

3 Ways to Pair Cannabis

Cannabis legalization provides consumers with nearly limitless options when it comes to choosing strains. You are no longer restricted to whatever strain your local dealer happened to have on hand. Instead, even the most austere dispensaries have at least ten strains available while larger outlets may have 30+ indica, sativa and hybrids for sale. You know cannabis can make even mundane activities more pleasurable but think how much more you can enjoy yourself if you vape the right cannabis at the right time. Once you have a comprehensive general knowledge of cannabis and terpenes, there are several different ways you can pair cannabis to maximize your enjoyment.

By Mood

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Smoking the right cannabis strain can either complement or change your mood. Need some cheering up and to relieve anxiety? Try an energetic sativa strain that’s high in the terpene limonene! Feeling more thoughtful and introspective? Perhaps an indica hybrid is a better choice.

By Activity

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Heavy indica strains aren’t a good choice for a lively party atmosphere unless you’re providing some good napping space. Instead, some spritely sativa will keep the conversation and party going. Likewise, if you’re spending the day hiking or biking, you don’t want a strain that makes you slow and sleepy.

With Food

Another common way to pair cannabis is with food. If your table is full of meat, potatoes and other savory dishes, try an earthy, pine or herbaceous flavored strain. Pair sweet, fruity and citrus strains with sweets. Sweet earthy strains like Cabbage Patch go well with chocolate.

Have other ideas on how to pair cannabis strains? Let us know in the comments!