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Terpene Profile: Humulene

Terpene Profile: Humulene, the Anti-Inflammatory Terpene The terpene humulene, also known as α-humulene and α–caryophyllene, is a naturally occurring compound found in a variety of plants from hops to cannabis sativa strains. In addition to their health benefits, terpenes also give cannabis (and other plants) flavor. Humulene’s terpene profile is what gives hops its distinct […]

Terpene Spotlight: Myrcene ~ The THC Enhancer

Terpene Spotlight: Myrcene ~ The THC Enhancer Myrcene is one of many beneficial terpenes found in cannabis. It’s recognizable by its musky, spicy aroma, like that of earthy cloves. It occurs naturally in all kinds of plants, including mango, hops, lemongrass, bay and thyme. It’s myrcene that decides whether a strain is indica or sativa. […]

Terpene Profile: Farnesene

Farnesene Terpenes are compounds in cannabis that work in conjunction with cannabinoids to produce the flavor, aroma and effects unique to each strain. While THC and CBD get the most recognition in recreational and medicinal circles, terpenes actually have very powerful health benefits on their own. In fact, many believe that terpene isolation is the […]