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Make the Most Out of Your Cannabis Purchases with these 3 Tips

Make the Most Out of Your Cannabis Purchases with these 3 Tips

If you’re a regular cannabis user, you realize what an investment it can be. Even more so if you’re purchasing high-quality bud from your local dispensary instead of growing at home. For medical cannabis users, many of whom medicate throughout the day, buying an ounce of flowers at a time is pricey but offers the best value. How do you get the most out of your cannabis purchases? Utilize these three tips!

Store your cannabis properly.

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There are three main enemies of cannabis flavor and potency; air, light and heat. If you store your cannabis in airtight glass containers in a cool, dry place, your weed will stay as fresh as the day you stored it for a long, long time. Properly stored cannabis can remain flavorful and effective for years!

Clean your glassware.


Whether you’re smoking or vaping, having clean glassware will vastly improve the flavor of your cannabis. A regular cleaning with ISO alcohol to remove residue and resin will allow you to fully experience the flavors of the terpenes in your latest strain. A truly great cannabis strain will have a desirable taste as well as potent effects!

Take strain notes.

If you really want to maximize your cannabis investment, keep good notes on the strains that you like and those that aren’t as effective. Cannabis effects are highly personal based not only on the unique makeup of the strain itself but your personal body and brain chemistry as well. This is why one strain that works well for one person may not work well for another! Keeping track of your best strains gives you the information you need to research the ratio of indica/sativa and terpenes in those strains and plan your future purchases accordingly.


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