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4 Techie Cannabis Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

4 Techie Cannabis Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Cannabis is likely the fastest growing market in the United States right now and companies can’t wait to start cashing in. It’s not just cannabis cultivators and distributors that are seeing green. Cannabis accessories are hot sellers as more and more people embrace newly legal cannabis. Technology can improve your cannabis experience in many ways, whether you’re a cultivator or just a dedicated user. Here are some of the coolest gadgets available for tech-loving stoners:

420 Scope 800x Microscope — $89:

Whether you’re serious about your homegrown or growing for profit, getting a close-up look at your cannabis plants is critical. This lighted microscope from 420 Science is perfect for close inspection of your plants to check for mold and pests, but best of all this USB-powered scope can create .avi movie files and stills of your crystalized buds with a 2 MP camera.

OTTO Grinder by Banana Bros — $129:

This smart auto-rolling device can grind and roll up to 30 joints on a single charge. Simply fill the chamber with cannabis flowers, load a pre-rolled cone into the tube and press a button. The OTTO Grinder senses your cannabis, grinds it to the perfect consistency and fills the cone. Remove and enjoy!

Hydrology9 Vaporizer — $199:

Perhaps best described as a “smart bong,” the Hydrology9 is the upscale solution for those who enjoy liquid-filtered smoke sessions. Made from high quality materials, this portable water vape looks modern and sleek while offering a tasty, high-quality vapor.

The Peak Smart Rig — $379:

For the upscale concentrate-lover, The Peak is portable tabletop vaporizer with multiple heat settings for your dabbing pleasure. It features a fast 20-second heat-up and can handle up to 30 dabs on a single battery charge. Customize your experience for dabs big or small!