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How to Add Cannabis Tasting to Your Holiday Parties

How to Add Cannabis Tasting to Your Holiday Parties

Skip the calorie-laden cocktails this season and opt instead for an elegant cannabis tasting bar at your holiday parties. Treat your guests to a fabulous array of cannabis and there will be no need to worry about awkward conversation. They’ll be talking about your party for seasons to come!

Cannabis is a great addition to holiday parties. The worst thing that can happen if your guests overserve themselves is they might fall asleep on your sofa. No angry or weepy drunks at your party!  It can also make for fun pairings with your party fare, from appetizers to dessert. Here are some tips to make sure your tasting table is fabulous and festive.

  1. Creative an elegant setting. Keep it classy by adding a nice tablecloth, a centerpiece and some holiday décor. If you’re offering dried cannabis as opposed to edibles or concentrates, consider using ramekins or small covered dishes for each strain. Place edibles on small plates.
  2. Stick to one delivery method. For the results during a tasting, it’s important to stick to one delivery method, such as smoking or vaping. This will help your guests truly distinguish the flavor profiles of each strain.
  3. Make sure your guests have everything they need. If dried bud is your cannabis product of choice, ensure you provide pipes or joints, ashtrays, lighters, pokers and papers.
  4. Clearly label every strain/product. Whether you choose bud, edibles or concentrates, make sure each item is clearly labeled. Especially edibles! You don’t want any accidental ingestion by an unsuspecting guest.
  5. Provide a tasting sheet. Your guests might want to take notes on a strain or edible that they enjoyed so they can purchase it later. Make the tasting sheets yourself on the computer or pick up mini notebooks at the Dollar Store. Don’t forget the pens or pencils!
  6. Consider pairings. Match earthy, gassy and spicy strains with dips, small bites, veggie and meat dishes. Pair sweet and fruity strains with cheese, fruit and dessert.
  7. Turn it into a potluck. If you have a lot of weed-lovers in your social circle, organize a potluck where everyone brings some cannabis to share. Make sure you provide labels or table cards for everyone to use.

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