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  • Hi..I'm a local veterinarian and recently purchased some of your "cannabikies" (pardon me if I'm not remembering the name correctly..I'm at work and the biscuits are at home) Anyway one of my Boston Terries (Tulla) has been epileptic for 8 years and she gets anti-convulsives 3x daily and still has some breakthrough seizures . I've been following the cannabis use with kids with epilepsy and of course have thought about my own "kid" Anyway, the last time I was in the dispensary and was talking to Zac he introduced me to the biscuits that you made and asked me to give you feedback. So far, Tulla loves them and I give her 1/4 of one at night (she always seizures in the middle of the night) and thus far (although too soon to tell) we haven't had any breakthrough seizures..I'll keep you posted. Best, Sara Rice, VMD Senior Partner Mendocino Animal Hospital
    Sara Rice, VMD
    Sara Rice, VMDSenior Partner, Mendocino Animal Hospital


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