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Farmer Spotlight: Award-Winning Greenshock Farms

Farmer Spotlight: Award-Winning Greenshock Farms

High Society members receive a special treat this month when Hot Boxes filled with delicious Greenshock products are released! Greenshock Farms’ distinctive strains such as Tropical Sleigh Ride and Purple Candy Cane have been included in The Natural Cannabis Company’s Best of the Harvest collection all three years and are a huge hit with clients and staff alike.

Greenshock Farms

Greenshock Farms has more than 22 years of experience in cultivating cannabis in California. They focus on growing in harmony with nature, taking advantage of natural farming techniques and growing plants in the full sun and earth using 100% organic, native soil. Mark himself, the farms’ lead cultivator, doesn’t believe in shortcuts but does believe they’re growing some of the world’s best cannabis.

They’ve won multiple cup awards for their unique and flavorful strains, so we don’t disagree!

Don’t miss this chance to sample multiple Greenshock products this December! Be sure to reserve your High Society Hot Box.

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Want to learn more about Greenshock Farms? Visit their Farmer’s Series page and see what’s in stock!