Greenshock Farms

Mendocino County

Cultivators of award-winning strains, Greenshock Farms is proud to be a Top 3 Emerald Cup winner for the past two years. Their harmonious approach to cannabis cultivation involves caring for all facets of symbiotic flora and fauna.


Greenshock Farms has won multiple awards from The Emerald Cup for categories like "Most Unique Terpene Profile" and "Highest Terpenes"!


All of Greenshock's cannabis is grown 100% outdoors in the full summer sun and a natural ecosystem.


Greenshock's master grower, Mark, puts every ounce of his passion and intention into the strains that he grows.

Unique Genetics

All of Greenshock's strains are created by Mark himself and are only available through selected outlets, making each strain one-of-a-kind.

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Greenshock Farms