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4 Delicious-Sounding Strains to Try

4 Delicious-Sounding Strains to Try

At any point in time, there are dozens of cannabis strains available to choose from in dispensaries throughout California. From popular classics like Sour Diesel to an array of newly created hybrid strains, consumers have more of a selection than ever before. That’s the wonderful thing about cannabis, there’s always something new to try!

When it comes to strain names, they can be all over the map from vulgar to enticing. And although people shop for cannabis with differing methods (by price, by THC percentage, etc..), sometimes a name sounds too delicious not to try!

If you’re a fan of yummy-sounding cannabis strains, we’ve selected four for you to try this weekend. All can be ordered online for quick in-store pick-up.

Pearl Pharma’s White Kosher Truffle — $15-$50

Truffle fries, truffle mac and cheese, now truffle cannabis. Described as spicy, tangy and rich, reminiscent of truffles, this strain from Pearl Pharma is a decadent indica perfect for weekend relaxation.

Pearl Pharma’s Mango Cookies — $12-$40

Another scrumptious indica from Pearl Pharma, this sweet and fruity strain will relax your mind and body leaving you euphorically giggly. Enjoy the aroma and flavor of succulent, ripe mangoes!

Glen Tucky’s Blood Orange — $35

Sweet, juicy, citrus aroma and flavor abound in this bright and flavorful hybrid strain. Expect relaxed euphoria and a happy attitude in its blissful high. Glen Tucky uses biodynamic farming to develop strains of incredible flavor and potency.

Sticky Inc.’s Cookies n Cream — $10-$30

Rich and sweet, this dessert-like strain is sure to leave you smiling. Providing an uplifting, euphoric, cerebral high, Sticky Inc.’s Cookies n Cream is a solid choice for daytime activities and combating fatigue.

All our cannabis is grown here in Northern California by small farms and cultivators. We accept only the best quality strains, grown organically using earth-friendly methods so you can be sure you’re getting delicious, potent and healthy cannabis every strain, every time you shop!

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