GlenTucky Family Farm

Sonoma County

Glentucky Family Farm was first certified in 2001 and is in its 16th consecutive year of Biodynamic (BD) certification. They became the first farm in the USA to certify BD medical marijuana in 2015. Their mission is to grown the purest and most authentic fruits, vegetables and medical marijuana that have the power to heal and elevate health.


GlenTucky Farm is one of the only Demeter Certified Biodynamic farms in the cannabis industry, which means everything is sourced from the farm property, recycled and renewed.


All of GlenTucky's cannabis is grown 100% outdoors in the full summer Sonoma County sun!

Gelnn Tucky Family Farms
Family Owned

GlenTucky Family Farms is family run in every aspect, from the vegetables to the animals too!


GlenTucky Family Farms also produces a wide range of biodynamic fruits and vegetables that can be found in local 5-star restaurants year round!

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