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Improving Your Cannabis Garden with Mulch

Enhance your cannabis garden with mulch

Improving Your Cannabis Garden with Mulch

Improving Your Cannabis Garden with Mulch

Mulch is a popular additive to many gardens and gardeners swear by its benefits. Mulch refers to decaying organic material that lies atop the soil. In a natural environment, mulch is made from fallen leaves, dead brush, plants and other rotting things. But, mulch can also be made or bought. As organic matter decays, it releases valuable nutrients which are absorbed back into the soil, but mulch brings more benefits than just richer dirt.

Nutrients: One of the main benefits of mulch is the introduction of important nutrients into the soil. These will be absorbed by your cannabis plant and the type of nutrients released depends on the types of material in the mulch. You can boost your mulch by mixing home compost with straw, leaves and other “green” material.

Protection: In order for mulch to be effective, there needs to be 2”+ inches applied around the plant. This extra layer of plant matter offers added protection to your plant’s delicate root system and helps keep them moist.

Water retention: In addition to protecting your plant’s root system from erosion, a layer of mulch will help your soil retain water meaning you can water less frequently. Be sure not to overwater or you’ll risk mold.

Microorganisms and bacteria: Decaying mulch provides a perfectly homey environment for all kinds of beneficial bacteria, fungi, microorganisms and insects. These are found abundantly in nature and by cultivating them in your garden, you can reap the benefits of natural pest control and increased soil fertility.

Weed control: Depending on your grow situation, weeds may be a problem to contend with. A layer of mulch around your plants will keep these nutrient vampires at bay.