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Zef Zol Article From SFGate

Zef Zol Article From SFGate

Die Antwoord releases ‘Zef’ marijuana line, tours Bay Area

South African rave-rap act Die Antwoord are on fire this week with an album drop, a sell-out show in San Francisco, and a hype performance on Jimmy Kimmel live, all on the heels of their new cannabis collaboration with The Natural Cannabis Company hitting Bay Area shelves.

Wednesday night at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Die Antwoord ran through an array of their classic bangers, and new tracks from their recently released Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid. Things kicked off fast, and that was exactly what the crowd was hoping for. The first portion of the set included a stirring rendition of “Fatty Boom Boom”, after which Ninja took a moment to note his joy to be in America. The evening never broke pace, with team DJ God and dancers keeping things moving between tracks and costume changes. The costumes were fantastic with many inspired from their past videos, Yolandi was as shiny as ever and Ninja’s sweat shorts game is surely an eleven.

The evening also marked Die Antwoord’s first stop in the Bay since the release of their new “Zef Zol” line of medical cannabis projects in collaboration with the respected long-time cannabis producers at Natural Cannabis Co. The entire Zef Zof line is now available at Natural Cannabis Co’s three Northern California dispensaries Oakland Organics, OrganiCann in Santa Rosa, and MendoCann in Hopland.

Zef is their self-inspired style of music and a South African slang term that describes a unique regional style both modern and out-of-date. Reuters Africa says it loosely means redneck, I’ll leave it to you to read between the lines on that. The products include various delivery methods for cannabis including flowers, concentrates, and edibles. They’re are packaged in the most Zef art possible, the images featured are all part of the US tour, the line literally matches their stage. Which albeit is a big screen constantly changing and strobe lights, but nevertheless creative.

The flowers included in the line immediately stood out. Their launch strain of choice was Cocoa Puffs, and it was done well. The Chocolate Thai cross’ aroma jumped out of the bag, with folks in my vicinity mentioning it more so than usual. The actual strain itself was developed by Reeferman, famed holder of what many call the oldest-school haze in Amsterdam. The indica cross in it made it a lot more relaxing and pain relieving than the pure version of Chocolate Thai, or its cousin Chocolope. It easily holds its own against this year’s celebrity branded offerings so far.

“Die Antwoord is a perfect addition to our High Life celebrity line-up,” says Dona Frank, owner of Natural Cannabis Company. “Their edgy, eclectic approach to music and art is reflected in the exclusive Zef Zol product line and packaging. Whether we’re working with Margaret Cho, Baby Bash, Tyga or Die Antwoord, we work to develop cannabis products reflecting their unique image”

The edible line conjured up for the Zef Zol collaboration are as colorful and flavorful as their inspiration. First off, the Cannabis Rainbow Belts are great. Imagine if someone took a sledgehammer to a sour patch kids bag and cut the resulting pancake into strings, then added 30 doses of THC. The bag is generous for the price and there is plenty to go around for a group of friends. When consuming what I estimate to be about a fifth of the bag, 60 mg of THC, I got a nice uplifting high. I might not recommend it for pain relief, but it’s definitely for folks needing a medicated pick me up.

Also on the edible side, the Zef Zol Strawberry sucker attempts to enter the always intriguing California medicated lollipop market. Their strawberry suckers run between two and three doses, and fill a void left in the market by candy makers who wanted to take a more pharmaceutical approach to their hard candy packaging, with most eliminating lollipops altogether. Thanks to Die Antwoord, a solid lollipop is back on the market in the Bay, and a lot of seniors will purchase these with no idea who the band is, it’s fantastic.

For the Zef Zol vapor pen line, Natural Cannabis Co didn’t have to go far. Their affiliated establishments have long been known for the quality of the house vapor cartridges. NCC dipped into their line-up of great cultivators to acquire the ingredients, from there they go on to produce a solventless C02 oil to fill their cartridges. Their cartridges tend to run pretty smooth in comparison to the market as a whole, and definitely the best for an organization producing their own to distribute.

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