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Why the Craft Model Thrives in Cannabis

Why the Craft Model Thrives in Cannabis

Why the Craft Model Thrives in Cannabis

If you’re a long-time client at The Natural Cannabis Company, you know we treasure the craft cannabis model of business and value our cultivators who put so much hard work and love into their plants. Thankfully, we’re not the only ones who believe small-batch, high-quality cannabis can survive the invasion of big business and their warehouses of weed. Our farmers and clients believe it too!

Craft cannabis producers are competing at the high end of the market, banking on customers who value quality and brand over price. The farm, their story and the care and commitment they put into producing the best cannabis possible is what draws dedicated cannabis enthusiasts in.

In regions like Northern California where residents place a lot of value on supporting local businesses, not to mention sustainability and organic farming practices, craft cannabis has a strong foothold. You can see this commitment in the proliferation of small wineries and craft brewers. For every Budweiser drinker, there’s a fan of the Russian River Brewing Company and its ilk. It’s not easy and perhaps they’ll never reach the levels of companies like Budweiser, but the craft cannabis producers in Northern California aren’t trying to.

Instead, small farmers are focused on making use of what they have, which is the beneficial geography of Northern California, its rich history of cannabis cultivation and the passion of their fans. You’ll hear cultivators speak about their farm’s terroir; a term borrowed from the wine industry used to describe an area’s environmental properties which are completely unique. This includes factors like climate, soil composition, and physical geography. But our region has much more than just advantageous terroir for growing cannabis, it has a deep well of knowledge from multigenerational cannabis farmers, many who have grown cannabis to support their families well before it was legalized. And at its heart, something that industrial cannabis can never capture lies the utter and all-consuming passion for seriously great cannabis; small farmers who obsess over genetics, fuss over plants and dream about cannabis when they sleep.

That’s why we believe in craft cannabis at The Natural Cannabis Company and hope you do too! More than 90% of the cannabis sold through Oakland Organics, OrganiCann and MendoCann is grown by Northern California small farmers and we love helping tell their stories.

You can read about some of our quality farm partners on our Farmer’s Series page here. We urge you to learn as much possible about where your cannabis comes from and to show support to the brands and farms you love! All our partners are committed to sustainable and organic farming practices.

Looking for recommendations? Just ask any of our knowledgeable staff to recommend a great strain grown by a local farm.