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What is Craft Cannabis?

What is Craft Cannabis?

New regulations and legalization of cannabis has opened to the doors for cultivation and production of a vast array of new cannabis products. And yes, that means corporate weed. Now, as with many product categories, consumers have a choice. They can purchase big brand corporate cannabis, or they can opt for small-batch, craft cannabis grown by small farmers.

If you’re wondering what makes craft cannabis so special, you’re not alone. It seems like every product has that label attached these days. Although there isn’t a special certification one can get like “certified organic,” there are certain criteria that a product must meet to truly be considered “craft.” In the most general terms, the producer must be small, independent and use traditional methods. But here are a few more things that make craft cannabis worth seeking out:

A Personal Touch

When it comes to products labeled “craft,” what it means is that the maker was involved and touched every process during its creation. On mass-production cannabis farms, much of the care of the plants is automated or left to seasonal employees who may or may not care about the quality of the plants. In craft production, the cultivator oversees and handles all or much of the care of their plants and avoids mechanical processes like auto-trimming.

The Highest Quality

The craft label means high quality. Mass-production farms are interested in profitability, not quality. This means that they may skimp and cut corners when it comes to high quality soil, nutrients or labor-intensive processes. The craft cultivator is also interested in profitability, but profitability that comes from people who value quality over price. There are some people who will always opt for the lowest price, regardless of the quality. But many people are fine with paying a little more for a premium product and to support their community.

Produced by your Neighbors

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Craft products are made locally by people who live and work in your community. Mega-farms can afford mass advertising, marketing and distribution; craft producers generally cannot. Many of the largest corporate cannabis farms in the United States are owned and operated by Canadian companies due to the federal restriction on cannabis banking here. When you buy brands like Marley Naturals, the profits are going elsewhere. When you buy cannabis grown by a small, family-run farm in your county, the profit goes right back into the local economy.   

Making the extra effort to buy cannabis from locally owned businesses and choosing products grown and produced within your community will provide you with fantastic cannabis that you can feel good about spending your hard-earned money on!