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Want Relief without the High? Check Out 3 Potent CBD-Rich Products Available Now

Want Relief without the High? Check Out 3 Potent CBD-Rich Products Available Now

Want Relief without the High? Check Out 3 Potent CBD-Rich Products Available Now

Not everyone can be high-functioning after indulging in THC-rich cannabis. Depending on the person and the strain, it can leave some people unable to perform basic tasks. So, when you want or need to medicate either for pain relief or just to take the edge off anxiety and don’t want the intoxicating effects of cannabis, enter CBD-rich strains. Unlike high THC strains, CBD strains won’t wrap your brain in waves of euphoria, instead, it can be very effective at treating long-term and chronic conditions involving pain and inflammation. CBD can also help you naturally relax, relieve stress symptoms, ease you into sleep and reduce irritability.

We have a lot of wonderful CBD products to try for every lifestyle and preferred delivery method, from tinctures and tablets to vape pens and concentrates. Here are 3 of our most popular CBD-Rich products:


UV Organics The Gift ($11-$35, 16.65% CBD)

This effective strain from UV Organics helps relax muscles, relieve pain and reduce inflammation while allowing for clear and focused productivity. Consumers turn to this strain for relief from a variety of medical problems. Try this strain to help MS, seizures, neuropathic pain, and other autoimmune diseases. Also great for anxiety.

Vape Pen

The Natural All in One Vape Pen in Suzy Q ($30, 2:1 CBD)

Natural All-In-One Vape Pen

The most lightweight and portable vape pen available, our Natural vape requires no charging or switching cartridges. Simply draw and enjoy. Containing only pure C02 extracted cannabis oil, free of solvents and harmful additives, our Natural line is both pure and potent. Our extracts contain only 100% all-natural Northern California cannabis oil sourced from small, local farms. The difference is reflected in the delicate flavor of our concentrates.


PROOF Tinctures and Capsules ($30-$40, available in 1:1 and 20:1 CBD formulas)


ProofThese discreet and no-fuss products contain 100% pure, natural cannabis oil suspended in coconut oil. Take a capsule or add a few drops of tincture to a favorite beverage to enjoy relief anytime, anywhere.

Is CBD part of your wellness routine? Let us know which products you love in the comments section!