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Vendor Demo Checklist

This is a checklist for all vendors doing demos on our retail floor.  Our goal is to have all vendors work autonomously within the guidelines provided here.

1.  Arrive early:  It is expected that our vendors check in at the front desk 15-20 minutes early.  Ambassadors should have enough time to set up and be ready to greet clients at the very start of their scheduled demo time.

2.  Identify yourself:  All brand ambassadors are required to wear a visitors badge to identify themselves.  It is recommended that ambassadors provide their own company badge but if they do not have one, one will be provided to them upon entry.

2. Know your place: The vendor should be aware of the space they will be occupying for their time-slot.  Please have your brand ambassador familiarize themselves with our site map included below prior to the event.  A card with a corresponding number for each designated demo space will be issued upon entry and retrieved upon the commencement of the demo.

3. Table and tablecloth: The vendor should provide their own table and a clean, professional-looking tablecloth to display their products.  

4. Signage: The vendor should provide professional signage that clearly displays the name of the brand and any other relevant information.

5. Product samples: Brands should check in one week prior to any demo that includes promotional deals in order to make sure that the product is fully stocked and that we are ready to service our customers with any advertised specials!

6. Product information: Our clients are very curious about your offerings!  Brand Ambassadors should be knowledgeable about their products and be able to answer any questions that customers may have.

7. Waste management: The vendor should clean up their area after the demo and properly dispose of any waste.

8. Compliance with store policies: The vendor should understand and comply with all store policies, including dress code, behavior, and security.

By following this checklist, vendors can ensure that their Brand Ambassadors are well prepared and in compliance with our regulations and guidelines. 

Thank you! 

Vendor Demo Locations