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Using Cannabis to Manage Anxiety

Using Cannabis to Manage Anxiety

Nine times out of ten if you ask a regular cannabis user what they’re using it for, you’ll get one of three answers; insomnia, chronic pain or anxiety. These three conditions affect millions of Americans annually, from students to seniors.

Out of the three, anxiety is the most controversial problem. While consumers are finding cannabis can alleviate or eliminate anxiety in their daily lives, the stigma of cannabis often inhibits the relationship between patient and doctor or therapist. It’s fair to say that most therapists are anti-cannabis as are psychiatrists. A negative reaction or even an anticipated negative reaction from a doctor or counselor can lead someone to conceal their cannabis use or abandon professional help altogether.The strain name game

People with severe anxiety have usually tried multiple medications with mixed results. Often the side effects can be as bad or undesirable as the anxiety or panic attacks themselves. It’s no wonder that more people than ever are turning to cannabis to help them.

Cannabis can reduce the occurrence, severity and intensity of anxiety and panic attacks. Regular users typically have a strong strain preference, something that works well with their unique brain chemistry. It may take some experimentation to find the proper strain to help your anxiety, but typically indica-dominant strains are ideal for severe anxiety. A hybrid or sativa may work better for daytime or if anxiety is coupled with depression.

Some popular strains for treating anxiety include GG#4, Blue Dream. Super Lemon Haze, Kosher Kush and Fire OG.

If you’re looking for relief with any psychoactive effects, try CBD-rich strains or CBD oil.

Cannabis can’t always replace or eliminate the needs for psychiatric medications, but it can be used to supplement treatment. It’s natural, fast-acting and has zero risk of fatal overdose.

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