Top 5 Reasons to Grow Your Own Northern California Craft Cannabis

Top 5 Reasons to Grow Your Own Northern California Craft Cannabis
February 12, 2020 Noa

Top 5 Reasons to Grow Your Own Northern California Craft Cannabis

Californians are blessed with the ability to grow cannabis for recreational or medical consumption right at home. While there’s something to be said for the convenience of purchasing amazing cannabis without all the work, there are plenty of great reasons to consider growing one or more plants of your own. Whether you’re new to cannabis or just new to gardening, here are our top reasons to grow your own Northern California craft cannabis:

  1. It’s not as hard as you think. You may think that growing a cannabis plant requires fancy equipment and big investments, but that’s not true. Cannabis is a naturally hearty plant that, like other garden plants, requires only water, nutrients and sunlight to thrive. Depending on what strain you plant, it has a natural range of development. It can grow into the low or high end, but most will land somewhere in the middle. The more knowledge you have about the growing process and needs of your plants, it will help you unlock the full potential of your plants. Fortunately, knowledge is free!
  2. You have total control. When you grow your own cannabis, you know the exact methods and products used during its growth. You’ll have full authority to grow your plants your own way and to experiment with different growing techniques if you want.
  3. It’s fun! Growing cannabis plants is fun, plain and simple. Watching nature develop at its own pace makes tending cannabis enjoyable. Even choosing the strains you want to grow is a blast. New cannabis strains are being created daily, so there’s always something exciting to try!
  4. It saves money. Once the time arrives and your cannabis has been harvested, dried and cured, you’ll save a bundle on your cannabis costs! You’ll also have access to the “leftovers,” including trichome-rich chaff that you can use to make your own cannabis oil for vaping, baking/cooking and making topicals.
  5. You appreciate it more. Once you’re proudly smoking your own private stash, you can fully appreciate the love and effort that went into creating it. Whether you continue to grow your own cannabis or go back to buying, you’ll have a new appreciation for this miraculous plant and the hardworking farmers that dedicate their lives to growing it!

We’ve got brand new Northern California craft cannabis seeds and clones at all Natural Cannabis Company locations! Come in and let our friendly and knowledge garden department staff get you started on the right foot!

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