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Tips for Healthier Cannabis Use

4 Tips for Healthier Cannabis Use

Cannabis is finally getting its due regarding publicity of its myriad benefits for treating both common and rare health conditions. Although cannabis is significantly healthier than tobacco, it isn’t completely harmless. For people using cannabis daily for treating medical conditions, healthy cannabis use is essential. Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take reduce any negative impact of regular use.

  1. Purchase clean, lab-tested cannabis. Along with the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries offering easy access to legal cannabis, consumers can benefit from rigorous laboratory testing. Reputable and professional dispensaries test the cannabis they sell for potency and contaminants. These contaminants range from pesticides to mold and mildew. Make sure that any cannabis you buy has tested clean. 

  2. Look for solvent-free extracts. Not all concentrates are extracted the same way. Some inferior products use harsh chemicals and toxic solvents like butane and antifreeze to remove the cannabis compounds. Look for C02 extracted concentrates when using vape pens or dabbing.

  3. Vape. Vaping reduces the amount of combusted material inhaled. There are plenty of options for vaporizing now. From the classic tabletop vapes like the Volcano to chic portables like Pax, vaping cannabis flowers has never been easier. Vape cartridges are available in hundreds of common strains. Their portability and lack of smoke make them a popular option for many people.

  4. Ditch the butane. If you love smoking flowers, you’re not alone. Fortunately, you can still make one small change to improve your health. Dump your butane lighter and pick up a rechargeable arc lighter instead. Not all butane lighters contain pure butane; some have added, unlisted toxic chemicals. In theory, this gas burns off when fire is produced, but in actuality not enough heat is produced for this to be 100% true. Switching to a rechargeable lighter will improve the taste and smoothness of the smoke. Starting at $12, picking up one or two won’t set you back too much.