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Tips for Entering (and Winning) High Art 2019

Tips for Entering (and Winning) High Art 2019

Tips for Entering (and Winning) High Art 2019

The 6th annual High Art competition begins at 4:20 AM PST on February 20th. Unlike any other art contest anywhere, High Art tasks artists around the world with enjoying their favorite cannabis products and using the inspiration to create a stunning, themed work of art. Last year artists from 82 countries entered High Art and this year we’re expecting even more!

The competition becomes fiercer with each passing year as our contest continues to grow. High Art is open at all artists 18+, amateur and professional, and it’s free! Many judged art competitions charge entry fees of $100 or more per entry, but High Art is completely free. All you need is talent, an original work of art that fits this year’s theme of “technology,” and internet access! Oh, and a PayPal account to collect your winnings if you score a cash prize.

So, how can you improve your chances of winning a share of the $50,000 in prizes? Here are some tips to help up your odds.

Take your time.

This isn’t a competition you can win by dashing off a few rushed art pieces. Look at our online gallery of winners to see what you’re up against. Really spend some time on your entry and ensure it’s your very best work. Entries are judged not just on creativity and adherence to the theme but on composition and skill as well.

Be an original.

Every year people try to enter artwork stolen from other artists, sometimes even past High Art winners! We check every entry for plagiarism and those found entering work that is not theirs are perma-banned from all High Art competitions. It’s really not worth it, so don’t try it. Plus, it’s very bad karma.

Don’t use copyrighted materials.

We can’t accept entries featuring celebrities, branded products, iconic photos or any other images or writing you don’t own the rights to. If you use copyrighted materials, your work will be disqualified.

Keep it on theme.

This year’s theme is “technology.” How you interpret that is up to you, but your work should clearly depict the theme. If the connection isn’t clear to our judges, you won’t make it to the finalists.

Follow those four tips and you’ll greatly improve your odds in High Art 2019. Most of all, enjoy some cannabis and have fun! We can’t wait to see what you dream up!

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