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The World’s Most Expensive Joint and Other Cannabis Records You Didn’t Know Existed

The World’s Most Expensive Joint and Other Cannabis Records You Didn’t Know Existed

The World’s Most Expensive Joint and Other Cannabis Records You Didn’t Know Existed

This year the organizers of the Ontario Cannabis Festival in Canada plan to take their shot at the world record for longest rolled joint. The current record is 106ft and was set by pot activists in Boston in 2017. It took 40 volunteers to roll. Now the Canadian group plans on producing a joint that’s 110ft long! We suspect there will be many happy Canadians on that day, regardless of whether the record is broken. But it got us thinking about what other cannabis records are out there and here’s what we found:

Largest Cannabis Farm – here’s one record we hope no one breaks in Northern California since we’re firm believers in supporting small cannabis farms, but weed behemoth Aurora’s Aurora Sky facility is the largest of them all with an 800,000 sq. ft greenhouse on 30 acres of land. However, the largest illegal weed plantation on record stands at more than 300 acres holding tens of thousands of plants for one Mexican operation. At the time of the 2010 bust, the crop was estimated to be worth $160 million.

Most Weed Smoked by One Person — Cannabis advocate Irvin Rosenfeld holds the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records achievement under “most pot consumed.” At the time of his achievement, Rosenfeld had consumed more than 115,000 joints, the most smoked by one person in documented history. Note: documented history. The rest of us aren’t counting.

Biggest Hot Box – During the 2015 Kush Cup in Vancouver, Canada, one group filled a room with enough smoke to get everyone high. They used 422 grams of concentrates poured into hot pans to create enough billowing smoke to fill the room.

Most Expensive Joint – Famous joint-roller and artist Weavers are credited with crafting a $24,000 joint as custom work for one cannabis company. It took two weeks and was shaped like an elephant tusk, a nod to the wildlife charity it was being auctioned off to support. The tusk joint contained one pound of ground cannabis and bubble hash mixed with Team Elite Genetics’ flower and six ounces of concentrate—all wrapped with a paper base topped with three layers of 24-karat gold Shine rolling papers.

Fastest Joint Rolled – There are videos showing people rolling a joint in 3 seconds, but they look like pretty shoddy joints that wouldn’t hold together when smoked. Famous joint roller Tony Greenhand, however, holds a record for rolling a quality joint in just 7 seconds!

What cannabis record would you/could you break? Let us know in the comments!

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