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The Health Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis

The Health Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis

The Health Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis

There’s been an explosion in new cannabis users since California legalized recreational use and made access easier by removing the need for a doctor’s recommendation. There are many reasons why someone might not want to get a medical recommendation, from the extra cost to having their name out there as a cannabis user, something not everyone is open about. But now, anyone over the age of consent can freely enter nearly any dispensary and make a purchase!

One reason someone might not seek out a medical recommendation is that they don’t believe their condition is severe enough or qualifies. So, while there is a huge uptick in new “recreational” cannabis users, many are actually seeking access for health and wellness. CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, is literally everywhere now. You can purchase it at gas stations (you shouldn’t, but you can), and while CBD is touted for everything from curing cancer to banishing depression, it may not be the best solution for you. You may be surprised by the health benefits of microdosing cannabis in its whole plant form!

Microdosing is just as it sounds, taking small doses of cannabis in order to treat a variety of conditions and symptoms. While some users may try strains that are very high in THC thinking that this will offer more relief, science is showing the opposite is true. Lower amounts of cannabinoids appear to offer superior pain relief.

For people with chronic health issues, microdosing offers relief without sacrificing function. Microdosing amounts are typically so small that no psychoactive effects are felt. Doses are taken regularly to maintain the levels needed to achieve therapeutic effects. You can microdose with extracted CBD, but because the terpenoids and cannabinoids in the cannabis plant support each other medicinally, you may find that a THC/CBD ratio formula works better than just strictly CBD. You can find strains and edible/ingestible products in a variety of proportions, like 1:1, 10:1, 20:1 and more.

You can microdose with any type of cannabis product, such as tinctures, flowers, edibles or extracts, but how much is a microdose? Because the effects of cannabis are largely regulated by your personal endocannabinoid system and other factors, your perfect dose will be unique to you. As a general rule, abstain from any cannabis products for 24 to 48 hours to reset your cannabinoid receptors and then begin with 1mg of your chosen product. Build up slowly over the next several days until you begin to just barely feel effects. The goal is gain relief, not get high.  When you find your perfect dose, make a note and then take this dose throughout the day – never enough to get high – and see if you feel any improvement. Less is more when it comes to microdosing!

There are many health conditions that are reported to respond favorably to microdosing with cannabis, including anxiety, chronic pain, depression, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, stress, inflammation and digestive disorders. Microdosing cannabis can also help improve your focus, reduce headaches and bolster your mood.

Before starting any new health program, it’s wise to do your independent research. There are many guides to help you get started online as well as several research studies. Learn more about the health benefits of microdosing cannabis in the studies below.

Summary: Findings suggest that a low dose of THC produces subjective stress-relieving effects in line with those commonly reported among cannabis users, but that higher doses may non-specifically increase negative mood.

Summary: Many people report using marijuana to cope with anxiety, especially those with social anxiety disorder. THC appears to decrease anxiety at lower doses and increase anxiety at higher doses. CBD appears to decrease anxiety at all doses that have been tested.

Summary: Low Dose Vaporized Cannabis Significantly Improves Neuropathic Pain

Ready to try microdosing? We carry a selection of high quality products to get your started. Come in and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff for help finding the right product for you!