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Test the Potency of Homegrown Cannabis with At-Home Test Kits

Test the Potency of Homegrown Cannabis with At-Home Test Kits

If you’re purchasing cannabis from a reputable dispensary in California, you can bet its been lab-tested for both potency and purity, but what about when you grow your own? There is still plenty of untested cannabis available in dispensaries too. Retailers have some leeway to sell off cannabis procured before the new regulations went into effect.

Potency isn’t just important to recreational users. Home kits can test for THC and/or CBD, both of which offer a multitude of medical benefits. It’s especially important for medical cannabis users to know that their medicine is appropriately effective with the correct levels of cannabinoids.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Home test kits for potency are now available that work on both flowers and extracts.

CB Scientific’s Test 4 Kit ($49.95) works with flowers, extracts and oils and can accurately detect both THC and CBD. Each kit contains 6 tests, three THC and three CBD. Results are determined by comparing your test vial color to the included chart. The downside is this tests tops out at 20% THC and 2.5% CBD.

If you’re more of the mad scientist type, you might enjoy Cannalytics Supply’s 16/20 THC kit ($99). This introductory kit is the basic model out of several professional testing kits they sell. This kit contains a whole science kit for testing your cannabis with Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). These kits work with flowers, hash and edibles but not products containing glycerin. Contains 20 tests.


These kits are great for getting a read on the cannabinoid levels of your cannabis but won’t tell you anything about purity. For those with compromised immune systems or severe illness, it’s important to ensure your cannabis is free from pests, mold, mildew and chemicals.