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Know Your Strain: Jillybean

Know Your Strain: Jillybean Jillybean is a strain creation of TGA Genetics, combining Orange Skunk, Romulan and Cindy 99 into a deliciously energizing hybrid.  Flowers are lime green, often with rich orange and crimson hairs. The flavor and aroma are sweet citrus and tropical fruit, possibly with a candy finish. Jillybean provides an energizing, happy […]

The Strain Name Game

The Strain Name Game By Zelda Flowers If you need further proof that the cannabis industry has been dominated by men stunted in adolescence, just take a look at the roster of cannabis strain names: Violator Kush, Alien Dawg, Death Star, Cat Piss, Alaskan Thunder Fuck and my current favorite, XJ-13. Actually, XJ-13 is a […]