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Strain Spotlight: Peanut Butter Breath by Hands in the Earth

Strain Spotlight: Peanut Butter Breath by Hands in the Earth

Achieving exceptional quality is the primary mission of Sonoma County cultivator Hands in the Earth, one they’ve achieved with their rich and nutty Peanut Butter Breath ($14-$45). An indica-dominant hybrid, Peanut Butter Breath is a cross of DoSiDos and Mendo Breath, two popular Northern California strains. Its relaxing effects spread through the body in waves of pleasing euphoria, leaving you feeling happily mellow. Enjoy a few hits before indulging in some couch time with your favorite show, then be ready to settle in for a deeply peaceful sleep

Hands In The Earth's Peanut Butter Breath

Hands in the Earth uses all organic materials and natural methods for pest control. Utilizing a biodiverse environment, cutting edge technology and the latest in cannabis research, they carefully develop clean, natural cannabis, rich in flavor and potency. Hands in the Earth specializes in indoor and mixed light grows.

Looking for something more lively? Give Hands in the Earth’s Banana Kush ($14-$45) a try! This hybrid is arguably one of the best-tasting strains available in Northern California. It tastes and smells strongly of fresh bananas and its Ghost Kush parent. Banana Kush will keep you happy, social and feeling confident but use in moderation; overuse can result in sedation!

Hands In the Earth Banana Kush

Want to learn more about Hands in the Earth, a small Sonoma Country cannabis cultivator? Watch an interview with them here on their Farmer Series page.