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Strain Review: Utopia Chiquita Banana

Strain Review: Utopia Chiquita Banana

By Zelda Flowers

There’s an eighth of Utopia Chiquita Banana ($55) included in Natural Cannabis Company’s High Society box released this month. If you’re not familiar, the High Society box is currently offered quarterly and is jam-packed with some of the best bud, tastiest edibles, melts and more. The box is curated by extremely knowledgeable staff and offered at a discount from retail pricing. Members also get invitations to private events as well as a 15% discount on their purchases at any of the three dispensary locations throughout Northern California.

Utopia Chiquita Banana is an Indica hybrid. The strain is grown in Santa Cruz by Utopia Farms, in soil, indoors. It’s the first place winner of the 2015 710 Cup and Chalice Cups and third place strain winner of the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup, San Francisco.

The buds are well-formed and highly aromatic, with a pungent tropical fruit scent. Utopia Chiquita Banana has an earthy flavor with fruit aftertaste. It’s a mellow, relaxing high that offers some CBD pain relief for medical patients. The Sativa aspects of this hybrid gives it a euphoric, smiley balance to the sedative Indica effects. Note: I use a tabletop vape for flowers.

Chiquita Banana is high in the terpene Limonene, which helps with digestive problems and mood disorders/depression. This makes it a good choice for general stress relief. Due to the sedative effects, I’d recommend this for afternoon and evening wind-down.

Summary: The tropically scented Utopia Chiquita Banana offers an earthy flavorful vapor leading to a euphoric yet relaxing high. CBD will offer pain relief while the terpene Limonene is known to help with digestion and mood. Great for afternoon and evening relaxation.