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Strain Review | Mendo Dope Qrazy Train

Strain Review: Mendo Dope Qrazy Train

By Zelda Flowers

Growers of giant cannabis trees and makers of “weed music,” Mendo Dope Farms is a family business that lives, breathes and cultivates the cannabis lifestyle. It’s cultivators like this that keep the standards so high for Northern California weed. It could be the outdoor recording studio, the exposure of their plants to frequent jam sessions, or just their passion for growing the very best cannabis – the proof is in the flowers.

I’ve tried several strains from Mendo Dope Farms and each are premium quality. Qrazy Train is no exception. A hybrid of Trainwreck, Trinity, Purple Urkle and Space Queen, it has a spicy, skunky scent. When you break open the crisp buds, the sticky interior gives off a burst of citrus fuel.

The vapor is mild and may tickle the throat a little. The head effects creep up after about 10 minutes, giving you a relaxed focus and energy while keeping motivated. This isn’t a couch lock strain: Qrazy Train give you a pleasant nudge – great when you need to clean the house for company or tackle organizational projects. Overall, it produced a pleasant, uplifting experience.

Qrazy Train is currently featured in two Natural Cannabis Company special-edition boxes available now. Pick up a gram of Qrazy Train in the California Farmer’s Showcase 2016 Best of Harvest Collection ($190), which includes 27 other strains also from small, local farms. Or, sign up for High Society and pick up this quarter’s box and get a full 1/8th along with three more from other farms, a host of concentrates, free gifts, and a Zef Zol edible.

Summary: Pungent with spice, skunk and citrus, Qrazy Train is a mildly uplifting, relaxing strain that provides sustained energy and focus. It’s an excellent choice for daytime activities.