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Strain Review: Memberberry Diesel – McNab Cannabis

Strain Review: Memberberry Diesel – McNab Cannabis

By Zelda Flowers

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Natural Cannabis Company’s release party for their new California Farmer’s Showcase 2016 Best of Harvest Box. You can read more about that here and here.

The box, containing 28 strains cultivated by 28 small farms, was created to showcase the absolute best of the recent cannabis harvest.

Memberberry Diesel created by McNab Cannabis received a lot of buzz at the release party/tasting event where the farmers and VIP clients had the opportunity to try all 28 strains. Aromatic with pine and a sharp chemical scent, the crisp, red-orange hair covered buds break open to reveal a sticky center.

Only through vaping did the sweet berry finish shine through, enhancing the overall flavor. The vapor is smooth and mild without any harshness in the throat.

The high was mainly head-based with very mild visual effects. Generally, colors seemed more vivid and lights a bit brighter. It was a mellow, pleasant experience of average length. I didn’t experience any appetite stimulation with this strain. I’d recommend it as a calming daytime strain.

Summary: Brisk pine and chemical flavors finished with sweet berry, Memberberry Diesel is a good choice for daytime relaxation.