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Strain Review: Indy Fire OG

Strain Review: Indy Fire OG

By Zelda Flowers

I stopped by Natural Cannabis Co.’s OrganiCann location in Santa Rosa, CA to pick up some Indy Fire OG ($50 – 1/8th) grown by Indy Boys’ Farms above the fogline on the Sonoma County coast. Although Fire OG is popular and known to be one of the most powerful Indica strains, like any crop, growth factors and genetics can lead to differences in flavor and intensity.

Indy Fire OG is an Indica/Sativa hybrid that smells richly of pine and citrus. The red frost-covered buds have a strong, enjoyable aroma which made the lightness of the flavor and vapor surprising. I use a tabletop vaporizer for flowers, so your experience may vary depending on your method. The vapor was nice and smooth.

After taking my initial notes on the aroma and flavor, I went back to work on some online research I was doing. Needless to say, I was deeply engrossed in my work when suddenly I realized that I was high. One minute I’m reading about edible packaging made out of casein, a milk protein, and then OH WOW. I got up to let the dog outside and got distracted watching clouds pass for several minutes. My usual 5-minute yoga break became a deeply satisfying, languid stretching session because it just felt so good!

Indy Fire OG packs a serious punch, with all-over body effects. It was a pleasant, dreamy, spacy high that was long-lasting. Appetite-stimulation is a desired effect from cannabis for some medical patients, and not-so-desired by sedentary writers. Fortunately, I didn’t experience the insatiable desire to consume everything with salt or sugar in sight. Coming down was easy compared to some Indica-heavy strains that often leave me heavily tired later in the day.

Novices should go easy to start!

Summary: I’m adding Indy Fire OG to my Favorites list. Strong pine-citrus aroma, light in flavor and highly potent, it provides a relaxing, pleasant full-body high with a spacy head. Ideal for couch or bed-related activities. Easy come down. Recommended for stress relief, relaxation, insomnia.