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Strain Review: Indy Boys Ultra Violence

Strain Review: Indy Boys Ultra Violence

I got a chance to sample Ultra Violence from Indy Boys as a sneak peek of the upcoming Natural Cannabis Company High Society box, dropping August 26. I am so glad I did! Every now and again a strain comes along that makes you take notice and this is absolutely one of my top 5 strain picks for 2017.

Indy Boys is a small Northern California cultivator that has traditionally produced some of the best cannabis strains available. They won my heart with their Fire OG and recaptured it with Ultra Violence.

This phenotype has a rich, sweet fragrance ripe with fruit, citrus and a hint of floral. Large, compact green buds are peppered with orange hairs and break apart with a satisfying snap. The interior was resinous and pungent.

The smoke is mid-bodied with a mild flavor that leaves a lingering taste of fruit and subtle earth. Ultra Violence is very fast-hitting; within minutes you’ll feel a euphoric, heady, peacefulness. Body effects take longer to manifest but you can expect a relaxing full body melt.

This is not a strain for first-timers. Two hits and even this daily cannabis user is noticeably high, very high. It’s also not the strain for activities that require a great deal of dexterity and attention to detail. Instead, use Ultra Violence to completely wipe away what ails you. After a few hits, you’ll be gloriously carefree, free of pain and stress, mental and physical.

Summary: Ultra Violence from Indy Boys is a powerful, fast-acting strain that will leave you completely pain and stress-free with a euphoric head high and full-body melt.

Where can you get it? Only in the in upcoming Natural Cannabis Company High Society box! Don’t miss this strain – sign up!