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Strain Feature | Super Urkle

Strain Feature | Super Urkle

 Type: Indica

Flavor/Aroma: Super Urkle smells of berries and a bit of skunk. Her flavor is mildly sweet and earthen.

 Typical Effects: This incredible strain is  deeply relaxing, sleep-inducing, and a great option for full-body pain relief. The short onset of effects make it a perfect nighttime strain for those who suffer from insomnia. She can lead to fierce munchies, a helpful effect for those suffering from appetite loss as well. This strain tackles multiple symptoms swiftly and efficiently allowing you to relax pain and stress free.

Appellation: Sonoma Valley

Strain History: A clone-only strain that grows somewhat slowly but turns an amazing shade of purple late in bloom. Originated in southern Humboldt County since approx. 1989.

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