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How to Store Your Cannabis for Potency

How to Store Your Cannabis for Potency

If you’ve been laboring in the garden all summer tending your beloved cannabis plants, then it’s nearly time to reap your rewards! Drying and curing your homegrown cannabis are critical steps to creating delicious, potent buds but long-term storage is important too. Properly stored, cannabis can remain fresh and potent for more than two full years without any noticeable quality loss. Follow these steps and make the most of your homegrown harvest.

air tight

Air-tight containers are a must. Glass is generally the preferred material for cannabis storage but there are some pretty great silicone products available now too. Regardless of what you use, make sure it’s tightly sealed. Exposure to air degrades potency and flavor, ruining all those wonderful terpenes you worked hard to cultivate.

cold storage
Keep it cool.
Fungus and mold thrive in warm conditions and heat hastens the erosion of your cannabis. Always store cannabis in an area that stays cool even during hot summer months.

store light
Light is the enemy.
Exposure to UV light destroys delicate terpenes and cannabinoids and can rapidly reduce the quality of your cannabis.

Humidity control is key. High humidity can lead to mildew problems and ruin your stored cannabis. If the humidity is too low, brittle terpenes dry out leading to poor flavor, decreased potency and a harsher smoke. It’s best to store your cannabis at the relative humidity (RH) range of 59%-63% RH. You can purchase humidity packs to ensure your stored cannabis remains within the proper range.