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Stoner Games: Weedcraft Inc. is the First Cannabis Sim to Address Social Justice Issues

Stoner Games: Weedcraft Inc. is the First Cannabis Sim to Address Social Justice Issues

If you have plans to while away the weekend behind the keyboard or controller and enjoy tycoon games, you may want to give Weedcraft Inc. ($19.99, Steam) from Vile Monarch a try. While there’s no shortage of cannabis sim games available both for PC and mobile, Weedcraft Inc. is the first one to address social justice issues in cannabis through their storylines.

Weedcraft Inc. is a business tycoon simulation game with roleplaying elements added. As with most cannabis sim games, your goal is to start from nearly nothing and grow your cannabis empire through completing missions and tasks to unlock better and more profitable stuff. Once your business can support employees, you’ll be freed up from the micromanagement of daily plant care and sales to focus on higher level activities. You can befriend NPCs and learn about characters and their experiences with cannabis through your gameplay. Through these interactions, you’ll learn how they’ve been affected by the War on Drugs and how they got involved in cannabis in the first place.

Since it’s release, Vile Monarch has produced a free DLC pack for the game that includes new stories, cities and challenges to face. You can pick up the game plus DLC for $20 on Steam.

Love to smoke and play? We suggest these fine craft cannabis strains for your gaming weekend:

Mendo Grown’s Light Dep Marsh Mellow: This smooth and potent smoke will leave you strongly medicated. It eases muscle tension, allowing for relaxation and euphoric bliss.

Redwood Remedies’ Ice Cream Cake: This strain is pungent, tantalizing, and everything you could want from a hybrid strain. Its smooth smoke gives way to a nearly instant cerebral buzz.

All Cali Farms’ Butterscotch Cookies: This hybrid’s effects begin in the head, slowly creating a mild head buzz. It creates a mental uplift and relaxation, allowing you to remain calm and focused.

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