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Spotlight: Erase Aches and Pains with Cannabis Topicals

Spotlight: Erase Aches and Pains with Cannabis Topicals

Infusing a penetrating topical cream with cannabis can provide relief from a variety of skin, joint and muscle complaints. You can gain the benefits of THC and CBD as well as other cannabinoids through direct application to an affected area without psychoactive effects or using other delivery methods like vaping, smoking or ingestion. Topicals are great because they can be used anytime, anywhere. They don’t smell like cannabis and are easy to apply.

Both THC and CBD have been shown to have medicinal benefits and work by affecting neural receptors which are found all over the body including the skin. Most topicals come as salves (cannabis is infused into coconut oil and beeswax) or creams (infused shea butter for example).

Cannabis topicals are best suited for use as an anti-inflammatory or analgesic. Some conditions that people use cannabis topicals for include:

Dermatitis and psoriasis

Balm for cracked or blistered skin, cold sores, herpes, fever blisters, etc…



Muscle pain, sprains



Neck Strain

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