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Small Farmers: Do You Cultivate Incredible Cannabis? We Want to Work with You! 

Small Farmers: Do You Cultivate Incredible Cannabis? We Want to Work with You! 

One of the cornerstones of our Natural Cannabis Company business is partnering with talented small farmers to bring their world-class cannabis to market. With recent regulation changes, it’s easier than ever for big money foreign investors to take over American cannabis markets. We’re dedicated to helping the small farms and family cultivators that have always been responsible for Northern California’s reputation for producing some of the best cannabis in the world stay in business and hopefully thrive. If you’re a small cannabis operation producing superior flowers or artisan concentrate producer, let’s talk!

There are many great reasons to partner with The Natural Cannabis Company, starting with promotion. We’re proud of our #FarmersFirst movement and always give recognition to the producers of our fine cannabis. We have our Farmer’s Series page to provide our clients with information about your farm, grow practices, strain portfolio and more. We love including social media content like interviews and photos! We also promote our partners through blog posts and newsletter content along with our regular social media efforts.

One unique opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else is to take part in our monthly subscription box program. Flower producers may sponsor one monthly box to introduce their farm and products to our subscriber list. It’s your opportunity to get product directly in the consumer’s hands! Small batch concentrate producers also have a chance with our Pen Pals vape box.

If your sun-grown cannabis is truly the best of the best, you may be selected to participate in our annual Best of the Harvest collection, the ultimate in luxury cannabis boxes!

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First, review our Farmer’s Standards page for more information on our selection process. It has all the details on what we’re looking for in cannabis procurement.

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