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Product Spotlight: CannaBickies Infused Dog Biscuits

Product Spotlight: CannaBickies Infused Dog Biscuits

Product Spotlight: CannaBickies Infused Dog Biscuits

The healing powers of the cannabis plant don’t just apply to humans. There are therapeutic benefits for animals too, especially our faithful doggie companions.

There are several reasons why you may want to try a cannabis product for your pet. The relaxing effects of low-dose cannabis can alleviate anxiety in nervous pets and help older pets sleep com

fortably through the night. Cannabis is also a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory which can help senior dogs of those recovering from injury or surgery.

The Natural Cannabis Company CannaBickies ($14 – 12 biscuits, 1-2 mg THC per biscuit) come in three flavors: peanut butter, cheese and bacon. The high-quality ingredients vary by flavor but include things like organic milk and eggs. For freshness and potency, they need to be kept frozen and come in an easy resealable packet.


The small amount of cannabis in these biscuits won’t get your dog high but will provide a sense of calming relaxation and relief from minor to moderate pain. Each biscuit is appropriate for a medium-to-large dog (65-80 lbs). For smaller dogs, break into very small pieces and feed in increments over time to see how it affects them.

Summary: The Natural Cannabis Company’s CannaBickies are all-natural, high-quality, THC-infused dog biscuits designed to offer relaxation and mild pain relief for pets. Each biscuit is approximately one dose for a medium-large dog (65-80 lbs), but you should start with ¼ of a dose until you know how your pet reacts. Recommended for pets with age-related stiffness or joint problems, anxiety issues or those recovering from injury.