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Product Review: Utopia Farms Medical Cannabis Vanilla Macaroons

Product Review: Utopia Farms Medical Cannabis Vanilla Macaroons

Zelda Flowers


One of the beautiful things about Utopia Farms is that they create deliciously healthy cannabis edibles in addition to growing unique and potent flowers like Chiquita Banana. The Utopia Farms Vanilla Macaroons ($20 for 4) contain 200mg of THC per pack of four cookies, with ½ a cookie (25mg) as the recommended serving size. Special diet folks, rejoice! These cookies meet the needs of nearly any restricted diet, except nut allergies. They’re gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, Kosher, paleo and raw friendly.

The ingredients are very simple: organic coconut, organic agave nectar, almond flour, cannabis-infused organic extra-virgin coconut oil, organic vanilla extract and Himalayan crystal salt. For patients who are using cannabis for health reasons, these are the types of ingredients to look for. Everything is organic and natural. Certifications are becoming more important in the cannabis industry and Utopia Farms is SC Labs Certified meaning that every batch of product is tested for purity, safety and consistency.

The cookies smell of sweet, raw coconut when you open the package. They’re moist and the taste of cannabis is well masked. There’s a sweet tartness, which I believe is from the agave nectar and they’re full of coconut flavor. After 45 minutes I experienced a playful, relaxed high that lasted for an hour or so. The recommended dose provided mild pain relief and euphoria, making it optimal for daytime and remaining fairly active. For evening use or experienced cannabis users who know they have a high tolerance, ¾ or a full cookie should be plenty to help you unwind from a rough day with a stronger full-body relaxation.

Summary: Utopia Farms Medical Cannabis Vanilla Macaroons are a delicious way to enjoy cannabis. Sweet, but not overly so, these cookies meet the needs of a variety of special diets. The high is mild and euphoric providing body relaxation and a playful mood. Stick with the recommended dose for an enjoyable experience that won’t leave you lazy or tired.