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Product Review: Natural Cannabis Company Supernaturals

Product Review: Natural Cannabis Company Supernaturals

By Zelda Flowers

In the spirit of Halloween, I opted to try Natural Cannabis Company’s Supernaturals ($30-$50, 5 pre-rolled mini-cones). Halloween happens to be the perfect occasion for you to try them as well. The Supernaturals come in adorable little boxes, perfect to house the five mini-cones. I love the look and design of the stylish Supernaturals packaging. They’re something you’d like to have out on your table when friends come over and will certainly up your cool factor.

Inside are five mini-cones, all made with premium Northern California cannabis. It’s all bud, no shake. I picked up the Red Dragon Supernaturals, a strain I’ve been wanting to try. It’s a sativa hybrid, grown indoors and features a sweet, fruity aroma. The mini-cones are actually the perfect size for one or two people to smoke on the fly. While trick-or-treating, they’d be the perfect between houses puff (be discreet, people. It’s a children’s holiday) or at a costume party. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of sharing saliva with people I don’t know, something my desire to smoke pot typically conquered. Now I can have the best of both worlds – a nice smoke without the risk of disease. Winning!

Beyond Halloween parties and bar crawls, the portability of the Supernaturals works for many occasions. Throw a pack in your bag for a hike, trip the beach or share one with a friend before a movie. A few tokes and all that’s left is the paper crutch. Nothing to store, save, drop, break, or spill. The only downside is that cones produce a lot of odor, so it’s not discreet. If you’re trying to be stealthy, you’d be better off with edibles or a vape pen.

I typically vape cannabis and vaping alters your ability to taste cannabis quite considerably. I confess, I had to smoke a second Supernatural to really attempt to capture the flavor, for during the first all I could taste was ash and butane.  Red Dragon is sweet and fruity. Some of that comes through but smoking produces a lot of bitterness and that’s primarily what I tasted.

I was about half done with one cone when I noticed the effects settling in under and behind the eyes. In part because of the smoke, and part due to the strain, I noticed some throat tickle, coughing and later dry mouth, so definitely keep hydration close by. Overall, it produced a very pleasant, cheery, happy high that left me feeling chatty and sociable.

Summary: Natural Cannabis Company Supernaturals Red Dragon cones are the perfect portable option for social occasions. Whether you’re smoking one for yourself or sharing with a friend, the mini-cones provide just enough cannabis to produce a happy, social high with nothing but a paper crutch to dispose of after.