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Perk Up Your Summer Brunch with Cannabis

Perk Up Your Summer Brunch with Cannabis

Perk Up Your Summer Brunch with Cannabis

Outdoor brunch is a definite perk of summertime. A languid morning of sunshine, food, mimosas and friends is a great way to spend a Sunday or any day! Like a big family dinner, brunch is about creating connections over the sharing of food. Nothing brings people together like sharing a meal, except maybe cannabis. The combination of the two can turn any situation into a good time. Here are some ideas on how to integrate cannabis into your next summer brunch!

Start with the sharing of a bowl (or a spliff or a dab).

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Kick off the communal vibe early by passing around some great cannabis. We recommend a hybrid strain since pure sativa reduces appetite and too much indica will put your guests to sleep. Get everyone started with coffee or freshly squeezed juice. If you are offering mimosas and Bloody Mary’s, keep in mind that the effects of cannabis and alcohol combined can be a bit…unpredictable. Best to keep the cannabis usage moderate.

Break the ice.

This is especially important when bringing together different groups of friends and family. You need a way to bring the introverts out and create some connections between people. Prepare a question jar in advance and place it in the center of the table. You can take turns asking a question or people can simply grab it at random, however you want to play. Looking for question ideas? Check out this list of icebreakers for adults.

Make it unique.

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When you’re having a bunch of stoners over for brunch, it’s best to err on the side of carbs. Cannabis inspires creativity and stirs up different appetites, so why not create a spread with a lot of options? A create-your-own-waffle bar will certainly produce some unusual combinations after everyone’s shared a bowl or two. Breakfast casseroles, Benedicts, crepes, pastries, bagels and blintzes are all great brunch fare, get as sweet or savory as you wish. Mini pizzas, sliders or breakfast burrito bar are all items that can be customized to each person’s specifications. Think light on labor, big on flavor!

Don’t forget dessert.

Take advantage of all the fresh summer fruit and serve a fruit-based dessert to enjoy after the meal. Strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream, pineapple upside-down cake, peach cobbler and fruit tarts will all be a big hits with your guests. It’s a good time to pass around the cannabis again. THC is like MSG, a flavor-enhancer! If you have plans after, counteract the after-meal slump with an energetic sativa or ease into naptime with a chill indica strain.

Brunch is an awesome way to share a morning/afternoon with friends, enjoying some top-shelf cannabis. Looking for strain recommendations? We carry a selection of more than 40 flower strains in stock daily! Check them out here.