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Outdoor Cannabis: Reality Vs Myth

Outdoor Cannabis: Reality Vs Myth

Outdoor Cannabis: Reality Vs Myth


The main appeal of cannabis has always been that’s natural, a magical plant that grows like a ‘weed’ just about anywhere it can sprout. So, how did the myth that indoor cannabis is superior begin? The answer is mainly in its legality. As America’s war on drugs cracked down on cannabis growers, the ability to grow outside diminished. Those who did had to choose sub-optimal positioning to keep their grows shrouded and out of sight of law enforcement planes. Meanwhile, those who moved their operations indoors found they could control every aspect of the cultivation process. Comparatively, growers who created ideal indoor growing conditions were able to produce superior cannabis than those who struggled with the challenges of growing outdoors under less than ideal circumstances.

Times have changed, thankfully. Cannabis cultivation is a booming business and now is the time for talented growers to plunge ahead into the future. Lifting the shroud on the cannabis industry has allowed for an openness not previously seen. Consumers are no longer limited to whatever strain their ‘dealer’ has on hand. Instead, they can visit brightly-lit, cheerful dispensaries packed to the rafters with choices. Software is in place to trace strains and track genetics while strictly regulated laboratories provide a plethora of scientific details on cannabinoids.

Now that outdoor cultivation is legal, growers can be selective about when and where they plant and the regularity with which they tend their crop. The playing field has been leveled. So, all things being equal, which cannabis better?

Consider other crops, like fruit, particularly strawberries and tomatoes. Which would you rather eat? A fresh strawberry grown in rich, organic soil under natural sun or a hothouse organic strawberry grown indoors? If you think there’s no difference, I recommend doing some blind taste testing. There’s no comparison. A tomato grown in soil and sunshine has a richness in flavor, superior texture and more intense aroma. Why?

It’s all down to terroir. A term borrowed from the wine industry, terroir refers to all environmental factors that impact the plant; the soil, sun, nutrients, air quality, everything. These are things that cannot be replicated indoors. That’s not to say that some indoor cannabis isn’t fantastic, it is. It’s just that ultimately, if you grow identical plants, one indoors and one outdoors with replicated conditions, the outdoor will smell better, taste better and provide better results.

There are benefits to indoor cannabis, certainly. It’s led to incredible development of unique hybrids and strains. Growers can control all factors of the environment and produce identical plants. Outdoor growing is like nature, a bit unpredictable and wild. Perhaps the plants aren’t as pretty or there’s variation from plant to plant, but given the choice I prefer 100% natural cannabis and to me, that means grown under the real sun with all that entails.